Top 6 Elements to Updating Flooring: Scheduling

commercial_flooring_installation_interiorsurfaceLastly, what does your schedule look like? To accurately stay with-in your budget we need to know if our proposal needs to include night or weekend work. When are the slowest points of your business? This can be certain slow months, certain days of the week, or times of the year. We can create a schedule where we can phase our work out over a period of time, to do our best not to interfere with your business if you choose not to close down to remodel.

After all of these elements are established, your flooring specialist will begin preparing your proposal.  We will select a budget price and will choose several brands and types of flooring based on your feedback at our first meeting.  Samples will be ordered, and we will finalize quantities needed while gathering accurate time frames to obtain the product from our manufactures.  Once we receive the samples, we will bring these for you to review and we will present a budget proposal based on our sample selections.

At this point you have some decisions to make.  What style, color, brand, and installation pattern do you want to see in your KSU Stadium-6facility? (This is the fun part, don’t over think it!)  Your flooring specialist will be able to offer any information you may need to make your final decisions.  Once a final decision is made, we will provide you with your final Price Proposal, reflecting the specific products you choose.  After this, we are ready to get your products ordered and get construction scheduled.

You are almost to the point of having new flooring!  With the help of your flooring specialist this process should be fun, educational and you should be the one making the decisions for your space.

Now that you know how this whole process works, who do you know that could use an update to their space?