Top 6 Elements to Updating Flooring: Durability

Last week, in our 6-part series on updating your flooring, we talked about the budget – how long you expect the flooring to perform in your facility.

This week, we tackle durability. So the question you have to ask yourself  is: How many people are in your facility on any given day?  durability_flooring_interior_surface

This ties directly into the durability of the product.  If there are specific high traffic areas, we may suggest a different option in that area to safeguard the rest of your flooring.

This also relates to the acoustics of the space.  What is the space used for? You may not want a certain type flooring in a space where people are expected to be quiet as the acoustics may not be suitable for that.

InteriorSurface-Price-Chopper-Stanley-33So, consider durability when thinking about updating your flooring.

Next week . . . well, you’ll just have to read our blog next week to see what else to consider!