Tile is Versa-tile

“There is so much to choose from!” That’s more of an issue now than ever before with the variety of options to choose from in carpet, wood, tile, vinyl, etc. With modern styles becoming more influential in flooring there are some looks in tile that really define this cool vibe.

Porcelain tile, like ceramic, is from natural elements in the earth. Lately, however, it is being used to add a textural element that makes it all the more unique and tactile. Required non-slip floors would benefit from a tile that incorporates the textured aspect. Sleek and modern this “Eggplant” textile porcelain tile adds another dimension modernism.

There is also tile that gives the more “Steam Punk” feel to tile, where everything new is old again. (“Steam Punk” design is the new shabby chic with nods to our fascination with Sherlock Holmes, Wild Wild West, and the Golden Compass that have become more influential in entertainment.)

This porcelain tile gives the impression of worn metal yet still reflecting that modern feel with an urban vibe.

A steel metal look can also be a cleaner one with a porcelain tile that creates a very clean and cool vibe, like this one paired with stainless steal appliances.

“Black” porcelain tile from the Kaska label Element Series for kitchen floors and other areas.

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