The “New” Price Chopper – Stanley

InteriorSurface-Price-Chopper-Stanley-9Interior Surface recently finished the remodel on the Price Chopper in Stanley to provide an upscale environment where customers could come and receive the benefits of specialty foods prepared and packaged in the convenience of their local grocery store. InteriorSurface-Price-Chopper-Stanley-29

The color pallet is mostly warm making the shopper feel at home.  There are several custom mural tiles in the specialty areas of Popcorn and Deli that really make the areas unique.

The bakery is sophisticated with elegant tile from AO.  The Produce, Floral, Natural Foods and seating areas are paved with a plank LVT by Centiva that provides a warm subtle feeling of home.

The flooring selections are not sterile or typical of a standard grocery store. Creativity and fun design elements were added to the mix. There is even flooring on the ceiling on the clouds in the Natural Food section.

InteriorSurface-Price-Chopper-Stanley-15Come in and see the new Price Chopper in Stanely! And don’t forget to take a look up!InteriorSurface-Price-Chopper-Stanley-33