Product Spotlight: Johnsonite iQ™ Resilient Flooring

Johnsonite - Commercial3Here’s a static dissipative flooring solution that conducts itself accordingly. iQ Granit SD resilient flooring balances function with the aesthetics to keep people safer and more productive. It’s a high performance, homogeneous, permanently static dissipative resilient flooring with great aesthetics. iQ Granite SD has low electrical resistance, so it brings peace of mind that electrical charges will be dissipated throughout its lifetime.

  • Low electrical resistance (10^6 to 10^9 ohms)
  • Electrical charges will be dissipated throughout its lifetime
  • Homogeneous construction
  • 12 warm colors in a semi-directional pattern
  • High performance


Johnsonite’s iQ™ flooring has been developed to meet clients’ demands for interior spaces that perform as a platform for productivity, offering the best modern flooring technology in the world. Read the fine print on iQ flooring products compared to other resilient flooring products. It’s a no wax, no finish product in — including high-traffic areas and entryways. No exceptions.

Resilient flooring products with a factory-applied polyurethane surface coating can perform for months or even years, depending upon maintenance, dirt exposure, and traffic volume and concentration. But then what? Eventually they require expensive maintenance, including extensive use of chemicals, stripping agents and higher water consumption — not good for the environment or bottom line.

iQ flooring is unlike any other resilient floor, utilizing the highest quality new technology in raw materials. It is not simply a factory-applied coating of polyurethane on the surface. The iQ technology results in a floor that never requires an applied wax for protection or to repair the surface. In fact, iQ technology results in restorative properties that can bring the surface to its original beauty, even after years of wear — for the life of the floor.

Over 360 million square yards have been installed and performing for over 35 years, worldwide. For more on this amazing flooring, watch this Youtube video:

What are your thoughts on this highly functional and resilient flooring? Want to give it a try? We would love your comments!