Out With the Rug, In With the Tile

Like many in the flooring industry, Interior Surface is enthusiastic about the growth potential of carpet tile. In 2008, carpet tile represented only 40% of our annual sales; last year, carpet tile weighed in at 60%. As the price of carpet tile becomes more competitive and manufacturers are pushed to look at the minimum amount of material they put into their products, tile has become the commercial carpet of choice in the architect’s and designer’s world.

The ease of installation, elimination of downtime in the workplace, and creative freedom offered by carpet tile has made it the number one flooring choice in the corporate sector. It’s been an especially big hit with multinational corporations, in part because it’s easier to ship than broadloom.

Product innovation over the last three years has allowed designers to mix patterns and colors in creative ways. With office layouts being defined less and less by walls and partitions, flooring can be used to delineate collaborative workspaces and add punches of color to raise the energy level of office workers.

Has your office had success with carpet tiles? What are your thoughts?

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