Mohawk “New State of Mind” Collection

mowhawkIntroducing: Mohawk “State of Mind” collection, a unique blending of carpet color, texture and aesthetic beauty, this line allows you to seamlessly go from space to space with unparalleled fluidity. With two collections, four patterns and a, to put it mildly, massive spectrum of “colorways”, the options are endless.

According to Mohawk, “The State of Mind mowhawk2Collection includes Amused—a groundbreaking pattern that redefines the modular floor effect with its 16 industry-first, gradated colorways—and Enthralled—a textured loop tile available in 14 colorways for when your space calls for elegant mowhawk3simplicity. Used separately, each creates a beautifully, simple aesthetic. When used in tandem, the textured continuous colors of Enthralled form the perfect bridge between the gradated colors of Amused, exponentially expanding the custom design possibilities of this collection.”

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