Maintaining your Hardwood Floors

At Interior Surface – we believe we know flooring.  We have been a major player in the Kansas City flooring industry for over 30 years.  Here are a couple of tips to help keep your hardwood floors looking new:

  1. High traffic areas – consider using an area rug or high traffic mats to extend the life of the floor
  2. Keeping your floor clean – any mud, dirt, food, or debris can really put a damper on your hardwood floors.  In addition – make sure the cleaner that you are using is safe for hardwood floors.
  3. Direct sunlight – if you have an area of your floor that gets a lot of direct sunlight – you might consider using some shading blinds or maybe an area rug to help with any discoloring that can occur.
  4. Water – Most importantly, water is definitely NOT good for your hardwood floors.  Make sure you wipe up any spills immediately.  Use specific hardwood floor cleaners and not a wet mop.
  5. Maintaining your hardwood floor is relatively easy, but the beauty of them can quickly be compromised when you fail to give them a little love here and there.