ISE Floors Bill Snyder Stadium Expansion

sliderimg-secure-12It’s officially college football season and K State has got something new for the fans. You may not have noticed the new expansion on Bill Snyder Stadium and all that went into the multi-million dollar improvements over the last 8 months. So, here’s a preview.

Interior Surface was the company for all the flooring in the expansion. Here are some details on our work:

PRODUCTS USED:  All the (Royal Purple) broadloom carpet selection came from the following manufacturers.

  • Tandus
  • Bentley Prince Street
  • Shaw

Rubber Flooring from:

  • Nora Rubber

The General Contractor for this project was MA Mortenson. The Architect was AECOM.

For more views of the expansion go to:

Here’s a view of some of our work on the project: