Introducing Another New Product: Bolon Studio Flooring, Modern and Creative

create-s“A Bolon floor will stir your feelings – the design, colours and texture will excite surprise and trigger inspiration. Much is determined by the specific flooring but just as much depends on the vision of the architect or interior designer. . . Patterns can look completely different depending on the choice of colour, the architecture of the room and the fall of the light. The tiles are available in different shapes. Mix and match them as you will.” Bolon Studio

When first seeing the product, Janell Porter, with Interior Surface, said “This is another new, hot product that is going to take the architectural world by storm. Very unique and versatile patterns    . . . really cool product. I haven’t seen anything like it.”

Their newest product lends itself to an even more modern feel allowing you to create various geometric shapes making for different types of 3-D type looks. As you can see from the illustrations below, the flooring sets itself apart from the others. This is only one style that Bolon has – there are many more styles to choose from.

For more information about Bolon Studio floors, contact Interior Surface and let them help you make some amazing original designs for your flooring.