Fresh Flooring Ideas

Just like technology, there is always something new around the corner in flooring. Interior Surface is happy to present four new ideas that revolutionize the industry:

1. ENGINEERED WOOD FLOORING IS RESILIENT, FSC-CERTIFIED   Craftwood is the newest product in Terra Legno’s Fumatto Collection, featuring a rich brown engineered hardwood material with an oil finish. Craftwood planks are 9/16 inch thick and 5 inches wide, with a micro-bevel edge style and low to medium shade variance. The material ranks 1360 on the Janka Hardness Scale and is designed to be durable, easy to clean, and color-stable over time. Planks can be professionally installed using adhesive or staples. All Terra Legno products are Forest Stewardship Council certified. Terra Legno     – See more at:


2. WATERPROOF FLOATING FLOOR SUITS HIGH-TRAFFIC AREAS   NuClic no-wax flooring is designed for high-traffic areas and can be installed over most existing floors with little or no preparation. The flexible, interlocking floating floor is not glued to the subfloor. NuClic is designed for easy maintenance and is highly resistant to most chemicals and stains. It can be cleaned with water and soap, resists bacteria infiltration, and is also mold-resistant (making it ideal for allergy sufferers). The durable 30-mil wear layer surface and tight waterproof seams help prevent dirt penetration. Products are backed by a 20-year commercial warranty. NuClic     – See more at:


3. WARMING MATS ADD HEAT TO FLOORING SYSTEMS   Emerson’s EasyHeat Warm Tiles Elite floor warming mats add soothing, energy-efficient heat to flooring systems. At less than 1/8-inch thick, the mats produce little height buildup and come in standard rectangular sizes as well as custom layouts of up to 138 sf. Mats can be ordered in either 120V or 240V configurations, with power input of up to 15 W/sf. Warm Tile Elite mats are UL- and CSA-approved and may be used in shower floors, steam rooms, saunas, and other wet areas. The mats are suitable for installation under ceramic, porcelain, terrazzo, glass mosaic, marble, and natural stone and agglomerates, as well as under engineered wood and laminated floors. Emerson – See more at:

EMERSON-WarmTiles_Flooring (1)

4. NEW APP PROVIDES DETAILS ON IN-FLOOR CABLE MANAGEMENT   H.H. Robertson Floor Systems has recently launched a free iPad application, Taking the Longer View. This interactive tablet brochure, free in the Apple App Store, showcases the company’s in-floor cable- and wire-management systems using video and web links, tap-to-zoom photography, interactive layout design, and an AIA continuing education course preview. In-floor cabling offers simple setup, sustainable design, and long-term flexibility and safety. Telecom, data, and power cables can be routed though trench headers and steel cells that double as structural support for the floor slab. Applications include offices, casinos, libraries, schools, and government buildings. H.H. Robertson – See more at: