Carpet Tile: It’s Not Tile, It’s Carpet in Squares!

If it wasn’t confusing enough to have laminate flooring that looks like wood, now we have carpet that looks like tile (only softer)! This, however, is a good thing. How much easier could it be to replace a square of carpet, with horrible stains or a pull, rather than the whole lot?

Floor Trends online magazine, in their October 2, 2012 article on carpet tile, calls it the “commercial dealer’s magic bullet.” This is also not the carpet tile of 20 years ago either. These days, it’s lighter, smaller, more appealing, and useful in so many applications like patterns, borders, and actual art on the floor. In fact, it’s durability is second to none in terms of carpet. “There is less ‘blurring’ of pattern under traffic conditions and fewer complaints of wear at major pivot points due to pile crush.” The carpet tile of 2012 is now seamless as well with the availability of complex patterns which do much to hide stains and traffic wear.

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